We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them - Albert Einstein


Reach Republic began with a simple mission – to provide lead generation services as part of Incline’s core product offering. This vision was so successfully achieved that in 2017 Reach Republic joined the ranks of registered businesses and became the 3rd official business in the Incline Group.

Reach Republic has expanded beyond lead generation (with support from TechnoCore - the IT arm of the Incline Group) to offer a wide range of direct marketing services ranging from multi-channel lead generation to sales front end development and call center set up and training.

With an active presence in South Africa, Ghana and the Middle East, Reach Republic is rapidly becoming known as a major player in the direct marketing space.


Rapid end-to-end delivery

Our hot leads are delivered in real time to the call center ensuring great conversion rates



  • Network of call centres

  • Innovative Sales Channels ...(read more)


  • End to end Lead Management and Sales Management Systems (from TechnoCore)

  • Everything is tracked ...(read more)



  • Decades of direct call centre telesales expertise

  • Exceptionally strong industry partnerships and industry knowledge

  • Consult throughout Africa and the Middle East helping set up and optimise call centre operations

  • Assisted by Incline with Optimisation of campaigns ...(read more)



  • Digital Publishers

  • SMS

  • Hot leads through call centre cross-sell

  • Linked to over 40 million leads with enriched data...(read more)



Our Impact

Helped a major insurance company dramatically increase its sales with better quality (NTU) rates than they had previously experienced. To date thousands of new sales have been created

Call centre lead creation seats currently linked directly to 4 sales call centres successfully making sales for insurance and credit products

  •  Took less than a month to initiate

  •  Less than 6 months to reach 500 seats

Helped a company launch its first cold (modelled) lead and hot SMS lead campaigns. This ongoing portfolio created by those campaigns recently exceeded R100 million in embedded value

Have consulted throughout Africa and the Middle East as call centre setup and management experts

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