Our passion is achieving your sales!

Reach Republic is a digitised intermediary, that focusses on selling insurance and financial services products to the mass and middle market via our vast distribution ecosystem and cloud-based sales software. By combining our three foundational pillars – leads, sales and technology – we are uniquely positioned to scale sales volumes effectively.

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Grow your market share using our network

We offer high volume customer acquisition services to insurers and credit providers wanting to expand their market share in South Africa.

Our clients gain access to over 30 partner sales call centers, instant digital distribution and e-commerce enablement, allowing increased sale capacity with no additional procurement or infrastructure costs.

With over 30 years experience in the life insurance and credit industry, call center management and direct to consumer marketing - we understand what it takes to sell insurance.


Technology enables innovation

The challenge in the market is how to rapidly adjust to changing market circumstances. Our unique “Click-to-Config” sales platform enables rapid and secure deployment of products  across multiple sales channels, giving you the power to easily scale when needed. 

Enjoy the benefits of being able to monitor campaign progress across multiple channels with our live reporting removing the hassle of managing multiple stakeholders.

The system integrates seamlessly with your existing back end systems and issues policy documents to clients at the touch of a button.

With POPIA regulated security levels, "Click-to-Config" and bespoke solutions available, the future of insurance and credit sales is now. 

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High volume, high converting, POPIA friendly, opt-in leads

Finding quality leads can be difficult if you don't know the right people. We generate local and international leads in the D2C and B2B verticals. Our clients are able to access all D2C marketing channels concurrently including SMS, digital, TV and face-to-face channels. 

Thorough lead screening ensures unique high quality leads with additional opportunities for bureau segmentation and score card selection via our partners. 

It's time to scale the right activities to achieve the value you desire.